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Magnus Weld Mesh

A promise of excellent service in the steel industry is one that we hear quite often. Obviously this is the case because people like to think that possible customers will believe that they are getting the best possible service, even though often the proof of the pudding is well, you know the rest. A...


Direct information is something we have become accustomed to. In the age of the internet we expect a certain transparency from brands like no other, and for good reason. If we continue to allow brands to lead us blindly down darken pathways in a daze, we will continue to accept the kinds of service ...


As the summer moves towards us at a rapid pace, everybody in the steel industry begins to fret over the pending holiday season and how we plan to make certain that we service our clients in the best manner. In our second sentence, let is ensure you that we’re always on top of things here and you c...


Magnus Steel and News.

As many will understand July was a trying month for all of those affected by the NUMSA strike action. Whilst it’s important that we understand what this kind of productivity collapse can do to the industry, Magnus have being doing everything we can to remain productive. This kind of work ethic has...


With the steal strikes looming, we at Magnus know the importance of doing good business through hard work, this is why without fail, we have been putting in the hard yards leading up to these hours we will soon lose from the working day. Not only are we blessed with foresight, we’re also very plea...


The one thing that we tend to ignore or rather, forget about steel, is that it is a fundamental part of our lives, so to explain to you why we are so passionate about it is not really that difficult. The very reason for setting up this blog was to create a space where we can share ideas around steel...


As you develop a relationship with this blog on the Magnus Steel site you will learn that we play in a place that is outside of conventional, whilst you think that steel is a dated industry that offers little to the modern reading of the businessman, we hope to challenge that. Magnus is proud of cha...


Steel has been part of our lives for longer than we know. In terms of structural design, there is very little that can be said about the importance of steel that hasn’t already been said. Its strength is displayed in the integral part steel takes in the mass towers that look over the cities that w...