Magnus work up to the looming Steel Strikes



With the steal strikes looming, we at Magnus know the importance of doing good business through hard work, this is why without fail, we have been putting in the hard yards leading up to these hours we will soon lose from the working day.

Not only are we blessed with foresight, we’re also very pleased to have the wonderful staff who are prepared to put in the extra hours to make certain that our clients are serviced through a very unpredictable time for everybody in the steel industry.





For this reason we want to thank the hard working team here. Their awareness and knowledge of the industry is invaluable and the creation of hours to make certain that we can still service our clients as much as possible over this time is cherished.

You better believe that we will be preparing for the end of the steel strikes too, it’s all work here at Magnus HQ, so please make sure you place your orders as soon as possible, it’s going to be a very busy time once we officially get back to work.

We regret to tell you that we will not be in our offices, but we will be available to help you in any way that you might need. As per usual, we’re just a call away. So feel free to give us a shout for whatever it is you might need.

Just because you don’t see our trucks on the road, doesn’t mean we’re not hard at work – It’s the Magnus client service promise that is fuelling us.

We wish a speedy end and solution to the protests so that we can get to doing what we do best, giving the best possible service and solutions.

Feel free to get in touch if there is anything that we can help you with:

Terence Conway                               –          0824472089

Beverley Cradick (Sales)                   –          0836531021

Linda Victor (Sales)                          –          0825501573

Michelle Dhunee (Accounts)             –           0824052651