Magnus is a fan of Purposeful Application



Steel has been part of our lives for longer than we know. In terms of structural design, there is very little that can be said about the importance of steel that hasn’t already been said. Its strength is displayed in the integral part steel takes in the mass towers that look over the cities that we love.

We love many things here at Magnus, but very little as much as we love steel. That is why, we have set up this blog to make certain that we showcase our love for brilliant design and how steel can be effectively used to find the look that works for the design of the building.




Whilst you might think that steel’s sole purpose is for commercial application, you would be wrong. Steel is fast becoming a household favourite. In tough economic times, at Magnus steel, we promote purposeful application.

What is purposeful application?

It is making use of the very best materials in the structural design of your building to ensure that the steel keeps you safe and is aesthetically beautiful.

This new way of thinking is revolutionary, ironically – steel often is.

We invite you to have a look at our products and find inventive ways in which you can best use steel in the home. If you find something that we didn’t and you didn’t send a photo to our Facebook Page, it didn’t happen.











We have an array of products that you can use for many applications.

Hand railing and expanded metal have fast become favourites to use in the household, stainless steel has the obvious design quality that you are looking for, but it will also last longer than you will.

Magnus – We know how great steel is