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Hexagonal Mesh

Hexagonal Mesh

Magnus Steel’s Hex Metal range is defined as a unique hexagonal cellular mesh steel, made of flat bar which is designed to provide brilliant retention and reinforcement of thin wall refractories and fully complements dense hydraulic and chemically bonded refractories in resisting erosion. It acts as a surface framework to hold cement or refractory in position, and relieves stress in the lining’s upper crust, retarding erosion, corrosion, blistering and cracking.

Hot gaseous substances cannot erode the refractory because they are reflected away from the surface by the metal honeycomb- shaped grid.

The flexibility of Magnus Steel’s Hex Metal allows it to be rolled, and easily conforms to circular shapes. It is recommended for use when placement is spaced from the steel shell to allow room for thick insulation between the metal shell and the armoured surface.