Functional Design in Security



As you develop a relationship with this blog on the Magnus Steel site you will learn that we play in a place that is outside of conventional, whilst you think that steel is a dated industry that offers little to the modern reading of the businessman, we hope to challenge that.

Magnus is proud of challenging everything especially convention. It’s a lot to take in, but what we are really saying is that we are aiming to be a really honest entity, that aims to create and garner a community of like-minded individuals are not only passionate about steel, but design and how we use steel to formulate a design process.

Passion is the paradigm of the willing, performance is the indicator of that paradigm. The stunning thing about steel is the shift that we are trying to inform, we can go round and round and as you spend time with us you will come across the idea of functional design.

The idea of functional design is the idea that aesthetics can play in a functional space with a certain amount of splendid symmetry. What are words without examples? For instance in South Africa, security is somewhat of a concern for all of us, using steel from burglar bars is not a new concept. It is also not the concept that best pleases the eye.

If you are after the complete industrial look for your commercial space, expanded metal works brilliantly in terms of conceptual design, it’s no secret. The benefit to this is in its ease to install and it is terrifically cost effective, another concern for anyone.

If you are looking to fully understand the ideas we have around conceptual design, we assure you that you need one of our experts to bounce ideas off of. Rather than a sales call, we like to think of it as a brainstorming session.

We might do things a little differently here at Magnus but our end game is your happiness and if you can see that, then you are in terrific company.

See you on the other side of that call.