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About Our Company

Introducing the spirit of a warrior

Aboput Magnus Steel

Magnus Steel (PTY) Ltd
was founded in December 2011 and is a stockist of all manufactured steel products. Our well-trained staff have an extensive knowledge of the steel industry and are always willing to assist with our Customer’s needs. From Latin meaning “Great”, our name denotes superior power and incredible strength. We aim to focus this force into the needs of our Customers and approach all business with the spirit of a victorious warrior. A name popular with early kings, Magnus Steel aims to reign supreme in the steel industry with a mission to be reliable, victorious and always of greatness.

Our mettle is made of Magnus Steel.



Our products


You’ll always find Magnus Steel the forefront of cutting edge solutions in technology, processes and products. Magnus steel has a wide range of products including Expanded Metal, Fibreglass Products, Grating, Handrailing, Hexagonal Mesh, Mine Support Screening, Perforated Plate, Weld Mesh, Woven Wire Screening and more.



BBBEE Certificate

Magnus Steel is BBBEE compliant and offers a Level 3 certificate.