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Changing the world is not on the ownership of an organisation or that of a large group of people but rather the individual. It’s how we, in our everyday actions, aim to push forward to create a greater impact. This is the Magnus view towards our service in the steel industry when we try to give ou...


As the summer moves towards us at a rapid pace, everybody in the steel industry begins to fret over the pending holiday season and how we plan to make certain that we service our clients in the best manner. In our second sentence, let is ensure you that we’re always on top of things here and you c...


You’re weekly Magnus post!

The concept of spring and how it affects us all is a funny subject, suddenly the world packs themselves into the gyms of our world and start to panic about the pending summer months and holiday season. For us at Magnus, it marks the start of something else. The start of spring chimes the bell for us...