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Magnus News Wrap

The steel industry is one which we know and love so well for many reasons. The main reason for this is the fact that our world and the way humanity moves forward is designed and determined by steel. Steel is the integral part of our make-up as human beings, for some of us steel is a very part of us....


Unpredictability is not something uncommon to us in world that is far from certain. Just the last couple of months, including one here, we’ve seen a lot of unrest which has led to much doubt. Again, we realise that this is not something that is new, but this is why it’s important to generate an ...


Creating a unique brand in an industry as mature as ours is one that we find increasingly intriguing. Did great steel companies come about because of an impeccable level of service, or was it the way they conveyed themselves to the public?  We are trying to reach new audiences all the time in new i...


This Week at Magnus

As the industry starts to speed up out of the Numsa strikes and normality starts to take its place, we are often reminded of the hard work that pays off in the months leading up to the one month of unproductivity. This takes months of preparation, the kind we have learnt to do to maintain the kinds ...